Thursday, November 5, 2009

Post-presentation Reflection

Finally, after weeks of hard work on the proposal, we presented the final product on Monday, 2 November. Though it did not start off exactly well (my laptop could not project the page onto the screen), I felt that the presentation turned out well; my group members and I did a good job!

However, this is not to say that our presentation was perfect. Reflecting on my own part in the presentation, I feel that there is more that I could have done. First and foremost, I imagined how my body posture must have been and realized I should have made sure I carried myself better; instead of placing my left hand on the table which might have made me look sloppy, I should have stood upright. In addition, I might not have projected my voice loud enough as I realized I was comfortable with my volume and I reckon this volume is not sufficient for easy listening for my classmates as well as Chris who sat in as audience, as I not naturally one with a loud voice. Furthermore, I am also guilty of having left out certain things I planned to say, mostly due to some “stage fright”.

Weaknesses aside, I feel that generally, my presentation was reasonably well delivered. I would like to believe that for most part of my presentation, I managed to hide my “stage fright” well and that I managed to give clear delivery of my slides such that my audience could follow what I was trying to bring across to them. Also, I felt that the pace of my presentation was just about right, and eye contact was almost constantly maintained with my audience. Last but not least, I was particularly proud of myself for having used the pointer as I felt that I used the laser pointer to direct my audience to the statistics of the many charts well! Using it made me feel as if I was a lecturer, and that gave me a considerable amount of adrenaline rush; it was also my first time presenting with a laser pointer, so I was really excited!

All in all, the presentation would have been much better if I had been better prepared for it. Honestly, I did not manage to set aside enough time to prepare for the presentation, though an earlier run-through with my group helped considerably. However, I am proud of the work my group and I have done for the presentation (and of course, the proposal). We have definitely improved much from the last peer teaching presentation, so kudos to all of us!


  1. Kudos? Haha yeap I think we did a great job for the proposal. For presentation wise we actually omitted quite a lot of points due to time limitation.

    I think your performance was great! In fact, the only problem for your part is the chart seems got errors here and there. But that is not the case! It just that we did not manage the test the updated slide on the projector. Things appear on the computer screen can turned out differently on the projected image, and apparently you are distracted for the unexpected error on charts.

    After all, good job Cf; good job choyobo!!

  2. LOL! Using the laser pointer made you feel like a lecturer huh? That's cute!

    Well...I think you did a remarkable job with the presentation, and I think I am really glad that the three of us were in a group. It's like the best group I've ever worked with. Despite having different schedules and commitments, we have managed to support each other pretty well.

    I think your presentation was good, but I do agree with you that perhaps you could have been a little louder (I have that problem too, I think). Also, don't worry too much about the charts. I've seen the slides many times and there weren't any problems with it. It is really probably because of the difference in computers.